"Going Beyond the Limitations that have Been Set for us"

​"The Campaign for THE PEOPLE"

"Being a Fresh and Innovative State but still holding the same values as yesterday"

​Vote Harpreet Mahi to be your next Governor
Hello NorCal!
I am so excited to be running this campaign to be your next governor, as much as I am nervous.  I have created this website so that you can find all of my content in one place instead of having to go all over.  This website will include my mission statement, my endorsements, my platform, my videos, and my contact information. 

As you look through all of the different aspects of my campaign, i hope that you start to envision what i had envisioned when i decided to declare my candidacy.  I did it for the people, and i will continue fighting for what i believe is best for the people.  I hope to see you at all of the one days, chapter cons, and of course Spring State.  Thank you for taking your time to explore my website.

-Harpreet Mahi